Eating disorder and hair loss

What should you eat to prevent hair loss?

Men losing hair After a certain age everyone is dealing with hair loss. Though you cannot stop the aging problems, you can decelerate them through what you are eating every day.  A balanced diet that provides you essential nutrients will prevent shedding and make you look and feel young. However, in order to have the best results, you should add Profollica in your diet.

Foods you should eat to prevent hair loss

A healthy diet may help you prevent hair loss. According to a deficiency of certain minerals or vitamins would always lead to shedding and even baldness, if not treated. Avoid any of deficiency by including in your diet cereals and fish. Salmon is a great source of Omega-3 and antioxidants, both highly efficient in preventing shedding.  Oatmeal is a rich source of zinc, a powerful stimulator for hair growth and rejuvenator for the entire body. To these you should add fruits and vegetables in order to obtain a perfect balance when nourishing your body.

Though there are many foods that help us prevent hair loss, it is difficult to eat exactly what your body needs. Profollica is a natural supplement you should add to your diet if you want to prevent shedding. The active ingredients accelerate the blood flow in scalp which makes your hair absorb the minerals that are keeping it healthy and strong.  With Profollica any diet will nourish your follicles. This remedy promotes a faster assimilation of vitamins and minerals available in your diet.

What you didn’t know about hair loss

Eating rich in protein foods is essential for healthy locks. Scientists have discovered that about 90% of our hair is in a growing phase. A diet based on proteins will prevent from moving to the rest phase, when the hair is very weak and can be easily damaged. Profollica will provide the proteins your locks need to stay in the growing phase for a longer period, preventing shedding. This remedy offers inside-out nourishment through a daily supplement and an activator gel. Your locks will be fortified by the nutrients absorbed and will look shinny after applying the gel.

L-Isoleucine is one of Profollica’s active ingredients which maintain a healthy level of blood sugar in your body. High levels of sugar would lead to hair loss because it will not allow your hair to get proteins and your DHT level will be out of control. L-Cysteine is another important ingredient that bonds with other proteins from your body in order to stimulate the growth. All the active ingredients from this natural remedy should be combined with a healthy lifestyle. Nutrients assimilated from food will be supplemented by this natural remedy, keeping your locks nourished.

Supplement the efforts you do in order to prevent hair loss with the amazing Profollica  products. This 100% organic treatment will save your locks from the aging process, giving it the shine and the color of youth. Together with a balanced diet, the daily supplement and the activator gel will give you the beautiful locks that make you feel so confident.