Where is Revitol for sale – Your health & beauty cream

Women have higher expectations when it comes about their own appearance. No matter how beautiful you are, there will always be something you would want to improve. Revitol store understands your continuous need to overcome the changes that occur as you age. Thus they recommend a professional line of skin care products that reveal your beauty using only natural based ingredients.

Where is Revitol for sale?

As you can read online, Revitol is an advanced skin care brand committed to deliver organic products highly efficient in restoring and maintaining your beauty.  Experts combine ecologic ingredients after an innovating method to create the moisturizing cream with anti-aging effects for any type of skin. Revitol products are available only on the official website at, where customers are ensured to receive the original formula for rejuvenation. You will not find these items in regular drugstores but you will always be able to order them directly from manufacturer who will deliver them just in time.

Your health & beauty cream

It is very advantageous to buy your moisturizer directly from supplier because the quality is guaranteed and the price contains no hidden fees. In addition, there are very important discounts available if you decide to buy more products at a time. To discover the full list of benefits, visit the official website, where you will find more details about discounts as well as reviews about the items you want to buy. When you decide to order the items, do not forget that you can return them in case you are not happy with the results achieved after using them as indicated.

Get your health & beauty cream from Revitol

The moisturizing cream created by Revitol is a top skin care treatment used for a variety of aging signs or just to delay their appearance. Matrixil is an active ingredient which stimulates collagen production where your face needs it. Apply the cream on your wrinkles and you will notice that in about 3 months they disappear. The Shea butter from its composition balances your color, especially around wrinkles to make the tone difference less noticeable. Hyaluronic Acid ensures that your face regains elasticity gradually, until its contour is reshaped. According to NIH this ingredient is a vital anti aging substance which works wonders for wrinkles.

If you are not fighting with aging signs but you want to maintain your face radiant and flexible for a longer time, get your health and beauty cream from the official website. The natural ingredients work as antioxidants preventing any damage caused by ultra-violets and pollution. The eye cream removes the dark circles and the puffiness around your eyes whereas the brightener makes you complexion glowing and radiant. Achieve a perfect skin and maintain it with the beauty products sold by Revitol store.

Order your advances skin care treatment from Revitol website and you will be satisfied not only with the rejuvenating effects but also with those financial benefits received as discounts. Look beautiful and young with this all natural cream that keeps all your skin layers healthy and nourished.

Efficient remedies to combat hair loss due to stress

When you feel stressed your hair suffers. Hair loss due to overstress affects more and more people, decreasing their self-confidence. Women might notice that their locks become thinner while men deal with more visible effects, like shedding around crown and even bald patches. Some home remedies might help but if you want to reverse the process, use Provillus.org. This is the best natural treatment that strengthens your locks and stimulates them to grow back.

Discover the most efficient remedies for hair loss

Efficient remedies to fight against hair lossIt is hard to believe but you can take care of your hair with some natural ingredients you usually store in your kitchen. According to recent studies published on WebMd  hair loss can be counteracted when it is determined by stress. Use olive or coconut oil to massage your scalp or prepare a mask with onion juice.  These remedies will nourish your scalp and follicles preventing them from damaging and falling during those difficult situations you might deal with. Moreover, these masks will give you more volume and shine, so they will look healthier.

Though home remedies are efficient, it is quite difficult to apply them constantly. Trying to meet your day to day personal and professional deadlines might not allow you to properly take care of your locks. Provillus  is a revolutionary treatment you can find on http://www.provillus.org/, created to prevent and treat alopecia in a natural way. Order this remedy directly from supplier. In about 48 hours you will receive the supplements, through which your follicles receive essential nutrients, and a solution based on minoxidil, an FDA approved substance that delivers remarkable results.

Use Provillus to combat hair loss due to stress

When stress is overwhelming you, your body becomes weak, developing certain forms of anemia. With Provillus pills your body receives vitamin B complex, zinc and magnesium from natural sources. In this way your follicles are nourished enough to produce keratin, the protein responsible for hair and nails growth. On another side the topic solution actions as a blood flow stimulator for your follicles roots. An improved circulation will allow them to absorb more nutrients which will fortify your follicles. In a few weeks your locks appearance will be significantly improved, making you feel more confident and happy with your image.

Provillus contains only natural ingredients extracted from qualitative herbs, blended after a scientific method. After intense research, doctors have created this product which contains all the nutrients your follicles needs in the right quantities. If you are worried about your hair, use this homeopathic product to stimulate its growth from inside as well as from outside. Not only that it will grow faster but it will also be thicker. Also, this product brings permanent results. Once your complete the treatment, your locks will remain thick and shiny.

Take care of your hair with Provillus during stressful periods. This organic product will stop its falling after fortifying it through pills and topic solution. Don’t let stress affect your locks any longer. Order this treatment to restore their beauty that will rebuild your inner balance and self-esteem.

How to get beautiful eyelashes with Idol Lash

Women use excessive mascara or extensions to get long dark eyelashes with more volume. As you already know both of these are temporary solutions that prove to be harmful if used for an extended period. Give up to these short-term enhancers and replace them with Idol Lash to get beautiful eyelashes naturally. This excellent treatment helps you gain more volume and length, curving the natural hairs around your eyelids permanently.

How to get beautiful eyelashes

How to get amazing eyelashesEyelashes are an imperative part of our lids that started to receive more and more attention from medical experts lately. According to WebMD the short hairs around eyes can be stimulated to grow if you nourish their follicles properly. Idol Lash is made out of organic ingredients that nourish the hair roots and protect the skin around them to prevent any damage in this sensitive area. Besides strengthening the strands, the product brings remarkable improvements for your lashes appearance regarding density and length. This is the complete treatment for your obsession for fabulous natural eyes.

With Idol Lash you will get beautiful eyelashes in several weeks. Clinical tests have shown that the innovating formula increases their thickness with up to 82% and speeds up the growing process as well. All these enhancements are achieved through an improved absorption of vitamins and minerals into the hair roots. This extra nourishment supports the hairs growth and their resistance to internal and external factors. If you look to achieve natural captivating eyes without mascara or extensions, use this risk-free treatment designed to beautify them.

Discover Idol Lash – the best eyelashes enhancer

Idol Lash uses only organic ingredients to bring enhancements to your lashes in a gentle way. Kelp provides hair follicles with more vitamins and minerals which are very well assimilated due to an improved blood circulation supported by other compounds. It will allow you to gain more darkness and extra thickness. Linolenic Acid is equally important for its highly moisturizing properties that maximize the absorption of vitamins. Jojoba oil rebuilds damaged hairs and strengthens the ones left, to create falsies effect.

Use this revolutionary serum to get beautiful natural lashes permanently in a healthy way. Due to its natural formula, Idol Lash has no negative side effects. On the contrary, amazing effects will be noticed even from the first application on upper and lower hairs before going to bed. And if you want to get rid of mascara and extensions forever, continue to use the treatment consistently for several months.  Turn regular lashes into remarkable appealing ones that define your natural splendor. You will have a perfect look, and it will make you feel more confident.

Gain extra lengthening and volume with the organic formula from Idol Lash. Your lashes will be thicker and longer while their darkness will be vibrant. Stop using mascara and falsies that irritate your eyes. This incredible treatment reveals your natural beauty to impress everyone around you. With this charming look, you will be confident enough to disclose your true self to those around you.

Before and after Pro-Enhance patch – How does it work?

The sexual life of a man can be influenced by many factors. Bad habits like drinking and smoke can affect his stamina in bed. Chronic diseases like hypertension also hinder an optimal sexual performance. Independently of the cause, a deficient sexual performance can affect in a negative way every aspect of the life of man.  Fortunately, a team of reputable health professionals have developed Pro-Enhance patch as a natural solution that can restore the enjoyment at every level of sexual life.

Improve your sexual experiences: Before and after the patch

Pro-enhance before and afterAs you can find on WebMD, diseases like diabetes, the increment of cholesterol, hepatic failure and depression can lower the quality of male sexual performance. There are also surgical procedures which can trigger an erectile dysfunction. Such procedures include the surgery due to prostate cancer, or surgeries made on the bladder or the rectum. As a consequence of the medical procedure, in many cases the nerves and vessels are damaged. The dysfunction is produced because the connection between the nervous system and the erectile tissue is interrupted.

There is nothing that causes more frustration of a man than a bad sexual experience. Only an effective treatment like Pro-Enhance patch can enhance the quality of your love life. Many satisfied customers around the world are reporting an increment on the satisfaction during sexual intercourse. This is due to the capacity this natural treatment has to increase blood circulation towards the tissues of the penis. It is translated into harder erections with an intense sensation of pleasure.

After just two weeks with Pro-Enhance patch, it is possible to observe an increment on the thickness of the penis. It increases the intensity and the duration of erections. These benefits are translated into more self-confidence on the individual. Thus his sexual performance is greatly enhanced.

After a month it is possible to observe an increment on the length of the penis. It allows a deep penetration during sexual intercourse which increases the levels of pleasure on both the individual and his partner.  The increment on length and girth can be easily measured, they can be clearly perceived with a naked eye. After three months of use, the user experiences firmer erections which last longer. Sexual stamina, self-confidence and enjoyment intensity are greatly improved.

How does Pro-Enhance work?

The key of the efficiency of this treatment lies on its formulation. When Pro-Enhance patch is applied, it releases active ingredients through skin into blood stream. These elements work as aphrodisiac and they even improve male fertility. During the erection, the penile structure is filled with blood until it becomes rigid. The size of the penis will depend on how developed are the chambers known as Corpora Cavernosa and Corpus Spongisum. Therefore, Pro-Enhance patch work on the development of erectile tissue.

If the chambers are developed, the penis is capable of storing more blood. In this way its size is increased given place to a more pleasurable sexual intercourse.

All the benefits are provided through completely natural and safe means, therefore no side effects have been reported. Use Pro-Enhance patches and bring back sparkles in your love life!

What should you eat to prevent hair loss?

Men losing hair After a certain age everyone is dealing with hair loss. Though you cannot stop the aging problems, you can decelerate them through what you are eating every day.  A balanced diet that provides you essential nutrients will prevent shedding and make you look and feel young. However, in order to have the best results, you should add Profollica in your diet.

Foods you should eat to prevent hair loss

A healthy diet may help you prevent hair loss. According to PubMed.gov a deficiency of certain minerals or vitamins would always lead to shedding and even baldness, if not treated. Avoid any of deficiency by including in your diet cereals and fish. Salmon is a great source of Omega-3 and antioxidants, both highly efficient in preventing shedding.  Oatmeal is a rich source of zinc, a powerful stimulator for hair growth and rejuvenator for the entire body. To these you should add fruits and vegetables in order to obtain a perfect balance when nourishing your body.

Though there are many foods that help us prevent hair loss, it is difficult to eat exactly what your body needs. Profollica is a natural supplement you should add to your diet if you want to prevent shedding. The active ingredients accelerate the blood flow in scalp which makes your hair absorb the minerals that are keeping it healthy and strong.  With Profollica any diet will nourish your follicles. This remedy promotes a faster assimilation of vitamins and minerals available in your diet.

What you didn’t know about hair loss

Eating rich in protein foods is essential for healthy locks. Scientists have discovered that about 90% of our hair is in a growing phase. A diet based on proteins will prevent from moving to the rest phase, when the hair is very weak and can be easily damaged. Profollica will provide the proteins your locks need to stay in the growing phase for a longer period, preventing shedding. This remedy offers inside-out nourishment through a daily supplement and an activator gel. Your locks will be fortified by the nutrients absorbed and will look shinny after applying the gel.

L-Isoleucine is one of Profollica’s active ingredients which maintain a healthy level of blood sugar in your body. High levels of sugar would lead to hair loss because it will not allow your hair to get proteins and your DHT level will be out of control. L-Cysteine is another important ingredient that bonds with other proteins from your body in order to stimulate the growth. All the active ingredients from this natural remedy should be combined with a healthy lifestyle. Nutrients assimilated from food will be supplemented by this natural remedy, keeping your locks nourished.

Supplement the efforts you do in order to prevent hair loss with the amazing Profollica  products. This 100% organic treatment will save your locks from the aging process, giving it the shine and the color of youth. Together with a balanced diet, the daily supplement and the activator gel will give you the beautiful locks that make you feel so confident.

Relieve stress hives with home remedies

hives-remediesThe world we are living in is exposing us to a lot of pressure that determine the stress hives we all hate. People dealing with them are affected by the most unbearable symptoms and tend to lose their self-confidence. Fortunately, there are many home remedies that counteract this unpleasant disease. In addition to this, we have OxyHives, a powerful mix of plants and homeopathic compounds made through a unique and researched method.

How to successfully relieve stress hives

After many years of research, scientists have demonstrated that stress and anxiety can be the main cause of your hives but they didn’t find a specific way of relieving or curing it immediately. Therefore, people who are affected by these outbreaks not only that have a painful period with many restrictions, but they also suffer significant psychological issues because their image is seriously affected. If you are in this situation, it is time to overcome stress with the ultimate remedy. OxyHives is made exclusively from natural ingredients coming from a controlled and verified environment.

Intense itching, redness, burnings and inflammations are only some of the painful manifestations associated with stress hives. As MedlinePlus.gov indicates, people who suffer from this disease are dealing with at least one of these symptoms. Moreover, the manifestations lead to further stress and may damage your overall health on a long term. OxyHives is the product that will relieve the breakouts through the calming effect of plants and will make you feel beautiful again. A natural treatment will always be the best remedy you can use.

The most efficient home remedies to cure hives

Though the medicine has known great development, sometimes home remedies remain the best solution to cure hives. Whilst all medicines contain chemicals that cause unpleasant side effects, OxyHives is completely harmless for your body. Ingredients like Apis Mellifica, Lachesis or Ichthyolum have a double role in curing them. Apart from the fact they reduce swelling and itches from the first sublingual use, they also eliminate the possibility of infection. You will feel relieved and ready to regain the control of your life.

Home remedies like olive oil, oatmeal or baking soda are efficient but you cannot use them everywhere. OxyHives is a 100% natural product available only from the manufacturer at oxyhives.org.uk. This product will treat your hives faster than any other home remedy. The studies behind it and the positive reviews have shown that the spray has immediate action just by spraying it twice under the tongue three times per day. Your skin will be improved from the first application, when you will feel an instant amelioration of symptoms.

OxyHives is the only way of getting rid of the harmful outbreaks that are keeping you away from feeling good in your own skin. The terrible itch that upsets you should be removed as soon as possible. The symptoms will be kept under control with the highly effective spray that was especially created to fight against hives. Your health is the most important asset you have, thus make the best choice. Protect yourself from hives with OxyHives!



La experiencia acumulada a lo largo de quince años a partir de la creación del Programa de Promoción del Investigador (PPI) en 1990, constituye una plataforma idónea para la conformación de la Academia Venezolana de la Ciencias, piedra angular sobre la cual se plantea constituir una nueva Academia como la expresión de la investigación científica y tecnológica viva y multidisciplinaria que se desarrolla enel país.

Se parte de la premisa que el PPI es una muestra representativa de la investigación científica y tecnológica que se hace en Venezuela. Que expresa, tal vez de manera imperfecta, la investigación que es, la ciencia y tecnología que se está haciendo en el país, reuniendo en su seno el abanico de conocimientos que se publica en el país en cada una de las disciplinas. Resulta por ende, pertinente instrumentar esta nueva figura institucional que cuenta, de partida, con un conglomerado de personas nada desestimable-para el año 2005 agrupa a 1253 candidatos y 2463 investigadores-activo sobre el cual aspiramos constituir la Academia Venezolana de Ciencias.

Desde esta perspectiva, la Academia puede representar para la Sociedad venezolana –tanto en su dimensión pública como privada– un soporte importante para fortalecer la capacidad de indagación en el país. Se visualiza por ello como una organización viva, que crece, que se desarrolla, que hace atractiva y posible la carrera del investigador científico y tecnólogo a las nuevas generaciones. Una institución que valorice socialmente la dedicación a la investigación.

De igual manera, la Academia puede ser un vínculo importante con los venezolanos que hacen investigación en otras latitudes. En fin, se concibe la Academia Venezolana de Ciencias como un instrumento útil para discutir y contrastar soluciones sobre problemas de carácter nacional.

Con estas premisas la Junta Directiva de la Fundación, se abocará en el presente año a estudiar e introducir los cambios estatutarios apropiados para la conformación de esta figura, que aspiramos consolide y fortalezca la labor desplegada por el PPI a lo largo de sus 15 años de trayectoria.


aniversarioEl período de recepción de recaudos se inicia el jueves 01/06/2006 y concluye el viernes 30/06/2006, fecha improrrogable.

Al proceso de acreditación en el PPI pueden optar todos los investigadores del país que se desempeñen en centros de investigación, universidades y empresas, de los sectores público y privado.

La información necesaria para participar puede ser consultada a través del portal de la Fundación (www.fvpi.gob.ve). Se recomienda a los interesados consultar los criterios de evaluación vigentes, así como las instrucciones para la presentación de la solicitud.

Los aspirantes a renovar o reingresar al Programa, así como los candidatos que aspiren ser reclasificados, deberán consultar en línea, a través del portal (www.fvpi.gob.ve), su ficha en la base de datos de la Fundación, a objeto de actualizar en ella toda la información solicitada, que luego debe imprimir y anexar al resto de la solicitud.

Los aspirantes a primer ingreso, así como aquellos que solicitan nuevamente su posible ingreso al Programa (reintentos) deben incorporar su información en la base de datos de la Fundación la cual está disponible en el sitio web.


De conformidad con lo dispuesto por la Junta Directiva en su reunión ordinaria Nº 39 de fecha 14/3/2005, el almacenamiento de la información de la base de datos de la Fundación es un requisito indispensable para la participación en la convocatoria 2006. La Fundación cotejará el cumplimiento de esta disposición y en el caso de que el interesado no haya proporcionado la información requerida no se procesará la solicitud.

Los investigadores que en esta convocatoria ingresen o reingresen al Programa, tendrán un (1) mes para informar a la Fundación sobre el número de cuenta y la institución bancaria (Federal, Mercantil, Provincial) a través de la cual recibirán la bonificación que les asigna el mismo.

La documentación entregada como soporte de la solicitud de las personas que no resulten acreditadas en esta convocatoria deberán pasar a retirarla por las oficinas del PPI, en un plazo de 15 días hábiles contados a partir del día de la publicación de los resultados del proceso de revisión. De no acudir a retirar el mencionado material, la Fundación no se hace responsable de su custodia y podrá disponer de este material para liberar espacios en sus archivos.

Punto Único: Toda la información presentada al PPI debe ser comprobable. La alteración de los datos suministrados será causal de remoción del Programa.

Para mayor información los interesados pueden dirigirse a las oficinas de la Fundación en la Torre Domus, Av. Abraham Lincoln, piso 6, oficina 6-A, Sabana Grande, o comunicarse a través de los teléfonos 794-00-82/14.87/19.38/12.86 o de la dirección electrónica fvpi@reacciun.ve


El PPI es el principal programa de la FVPI conforme a lo que se desprende de sus objetivos, se ejecuta mediante convocatorias anuales. La convocatoria se realiza durante el mes de junio del año anterior a su acreditación. Los investigadores son evaluados por pares constituidos en las comisiones de áreas y clasificados en tres categorías: Candidato, Investigador y Emérito; y la categoría de investigador comprende cuatro niveles.

Los investigadores reciben incentivos directos en forma de beca como premio a su productividad. Los montos mensuales de estos premios son asignados de acuerdo a las distintas categorías y niveles.

Investigadores Acreditados en el País


La Estructura Organizativa de la Fundación está conformada de la siguiente manera:

  • Consejo General de Investigaciones
    Constituido por los investigadores calificados en los Programas de la Fundación y es presidido por el Presidente de la Fundación o, en su ausencia, por el Vicepresidente Ejecutivo de la misma.
  • Junta Directiva
    La Fundación es administrada y dirigida por una Junta Directiva que representa la máxima autoridad de la Fundación y es la responsable de su funcionamiento, de los fondos de la Fundación y de la aplicación de los mismos. Está integrada por el Presidente, el Vicepresidente Ejecutivo y nueve (9) directores con sus respectivos suplentes, cinco (5) de los cuales son representantes de cada una de las Comisiones de Áreas, responsables de la evaluación, los otro cuatro directores y sus respectivos suplentes son designados por el o la Ministro (a) de Ciencia y Tecnología. La Junta Directiva tiene los derechos y obligaciones propias de todo ente administrador, así como también facultades de disposición del patrimonio de la Fundación en la forma prevista en sus Estatutos.
  • Comisiones de Área
    Conforme al artículo Nº 18 y 25 del Reglamento del Programa de Promoción del Investigador, se constituyen cinco (5) Comisiones de Área : Ambientales y Agro (CAA); Biología y Salud (CBS); Física, Química y Matemática (CFQM); Ciencias Sociales (CS); y de Ingeniería, Tecnología y Ciencias de la Tierra (ITCT).
  • Comisión de Revisión
    La Comisión de Revisión está integrada por diez (10) investigadores, dos (2) por cada una de las Comisiones de Área. Los miembros son propuestos, en ternas, por cada una de las Comisiones de Área y nombrados por la Junta Directiva de la Fundación. Cada uno de los miembros de esta Comisión deben ser investigadores del más alto nivel de su respectiva disciplina.


Comisiones de Área

Son los máximos cuerpos asesores de la Junta Directiva y su función es efectuar la evaluación de las distintas solicitudes de ingreso e informar a la Junta Directiva el ingreso del aspirante a los programas en las categorías y niveles que consideren adecuados.

Existen cinco (5) Comisiones de Área, integradas cada una por nueve (9) investigadores activos ubicados en los más altos niveles de sus respectivas disciplinas. Dentro de estas comisiones se encuentran las siguientes áreas del conocimiento: Comisión de Ciencias Ambientales y Ciencias del Agro; Comisión de Ingeniería, Tecnología y Ciencias de la Tierra; Comisión de Ciencias Físicas, Matemáticas y Químicas; Comisión de Ciencias Sociales y Comisión de Ciencias Biológicas y Ciencias de la Salud.

Ciencias del Agro y Ambientales (CAA)


Antulio Prieto
Claudio Chicco
Emilio Herrera
Emperatriz Pacheco
Gerardo Aymard
Jesús Faría
Margarita Lampo
María Teresa Iturriaga
María Luisa Izaguirre

Representantes del área en la Comisión de Revisión

José Aranguren
Julio Pérez

Ciencias Biológicas y de la Salud (CBS)


Ignacio Ferrin
Leda Galue
Miguel Murillo
Merlín Rosales
Olga Pérez
Pío Arias
Ramón Pino
Reinaldo Atencio
Reinaldo Compagnone

Representantes del área en la Comisión de Revisión

Hernández, Elvis
Lindora D’ornelas